Kyle C. Hale

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Illinois Institute of Technology


I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Illinois Tech. My research lies at the intersection of operating systems, high-performance computing, and computer architecture. More specifically, I am interested in bridging software/hardware layers for enabling both functionality and performance, as well as questioning assumptions made by the software stacks we use today. Some projects I've worked on include the Nautilus Aerokernel, the Philix Xeon Phi OS toolkit, hypervisor-based code injection, VMM-guarded, privileged kernel modules, virtualized hardware transactional memory, and the ConCORD distributed memory tracking system. Find out more in the research section.

I am actively looking for new PhD students! Students interested in working with me should see this page.


  • Operating Systems & Virtualization
  • Parallel & High-Performance Computing
  • Computer Architecture
  • System Security


  • PhD in Computer Science, 2016

    Northwestern University

  • MS in Computer Science, 2013

    Northwestern University

  • BS in Computer Science, 2010

    The University of Texas at Austin