Address Space Dynamics

In Physics, we can use the laws of motion, or the Lagrange equation, to describe the trajectory of an object in a system. An object is described by a state vector–a list of orthogonal dimensions.

Exploring Julia at the Large Scale

Practitioners of high-performance parallel computing have long sought better programming models and languages to ease the task of writing programs for large-scale systems. However, there is an undeniable tension that exists between extreme performance and developer friendliness.

Nautilus Aerokernel

Nautilus is a custom, lightweight operating system kernel designed for being fused with high-performance, parallel runtime systems. See more here.

Hybrid Runtimes for Compiled Dataflows

We observe that the OS and database communities face a similar challenge: how do we optimize systems to exploit the characteristics of specialized hardware without sacrificing the flexibility of general-purpose designs?

CSP 544: System and Network Security

Current Iteration: Spring ‘20

CS 562: Virtual Machines

Past Iterations: Fall ‘19 Fall ‘18 Fall ‘17

Evaluating Julia as a Vehicle for High-Performance Parallel Runtime Construction

Modeling Speedup in Multi-OS Environments

Prospects for Functional Address Translation

Towards a Practical Ecosystem of Specialized OS Kernels